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About Laura Higle

You wouldn't know it by this picture of a family gathering at the lake, but my background in theatre, mental health and nature contribute to an aesthetic depth that fuels my passion.

The moments that capture my eye bring me peace and tranquility. However the lake is balanced with family fun, a lifetime of memories, batons passing through generations with the root of our parents always present. The journey continues: the path ever unfolding. 

Artistic statement

The quiet, serene and sometimes intense beauty of our Earth can be soothing and peaceful. I hope to bring this aesthetic sense into people’s lives and deepen appreciation for our Earth.

 When I’m out in nature, I stop in my tracks to capture the moment and then I think “Earth, pass it on.”


Please email me (Laura@thatmomentclick.com) about anything. I'm happy to share information about upcoming shows, prices or anything else!

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Big Dipper Aurora 2019
Auroras Blues
Labor Day 2019 #1
Windsor Aurora
Hudson Aurora
Labor Day 2019 #2
2016 Rogers City, MI 2nd attempt-gigapixel-scale-4_00x
South Shore Lakeside Aurora
Labor Day 2019 #3
Purple Aurora
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